Complete Guide to Update Google Play Services on Android Smartphone

Update Google Play Services

Google play store is the best place to download the latest apps on your Android phone, almost every apps you needed could be downloaded from Google play store.  You are able to get it done because it functioning well. For you to get the best form it, it must be update at all time. This article will be dealing with how you can update Google play services on your android phone.

Google Play Services app is installed on Android devices to manage Google Apps from play store. How can one update Google play services? For updating apps, synchronizing contacts, authenticating Google services, accessing privacy settings, and others, Google Play Services app is important. These are the reasons you need to update Google play services on you Android devices.

Well, here we have provided the methods about How to Update Google Play Services? And provided various methods because all methods may not work on all devices. So read the article to the end and use the best method which works well and can be performed on your devices.

How to Update Google Play Services on Android Settings

One of the methods in this article will guide you on how you can update Google play services on you mobile settings. This can be carried out as soon as you can locate the settings on your phone. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 ====> Open your phone Settings and tap on Google Accounts.

Step 2 ====> After tapping on it, you will get other options. Tap on the three vertical dots that is present on the top-right section of the screen.

Step 3 ====> Now tap on the Help and Feedback option.

Step 4 ====> Once again tap on the three vertical dots. Now you will get options including Google Play Services, tap on it to continue.

Step 5 ====> Check if there is any update for Google Play Services available for your devices.

Step 6 ====> Finally tap Update, if you get it and wait till it gets updated.

That is all, you have completed the process on the settings on your Android phone. If this is not working on your phone, then proceed to the next method.

How to Update Google Play Services Via In-Built Google Search

This method will be putting you through via in-built Google search option on your phone. Just like the method above, it is easy and simple to follow.  Follow the steps to update Google Play Services on in-built Google search on your phone.

Step 1 ====> Open the in-built Google search option on your Android devices.

Step 2 ====> Now type Google Play Services on the search bar and search for it.

Step 3 ====> You will get results with “Google Play Services” in the list, then tap on it.

Step 4 ====> If your current version is older and there is any latest update available for your devices, you will get the Update option. If no update available, you will only get uninstall option.

Step 5 ====> Finally on this method, if you get new update for your phone, then tap Update and wait till it gets updated.

How to Update Google Play Services Via Any Browser On Your Phone

This method will teach you how to update Google play service on any browsers on your Android devices. Just like the methods mentioned above, it is easy follow method as well. Here are the steps:

Step 1 ====> Open any browser on your Android devices. Such as the Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser and many more.

Step 2 ====> Then copy and paste the link””  in the URL section or click on it.

Step 3 ====> Check if there is any update for Google Play Services available for your devices.

Step 4 ====> Finally tap on Update if you get it and wait till it gets updated.

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Google Play Services

From time to time you may run into issues with Google Play Services. The most common problem is getting an error message that Google Play Services has stopped, often after an app or game crashes or fails to load. In this case what you will need to do is just clear the cache from within your Settings menu. Here are the steps for this:

Step 1 ====> Open the Settings menu on your Android phone.

Step 2 ====> Then tap Apps.

Step 3 ====> Now tap Google Play Services.

Step 4 ====> Then follow by tapping the Force Stop button.

Step 5 ====> Finally on this note, tap the Clear Cache button to clear the CACHE.

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Finally on this note

With any of the methods above, you will be able to get the best performance for Google play store on your Android phone.

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