Upgrade SD Card Capacities

How To Upgrade SD Card Capacities From Lower To Higher Level

SD card has been a great place to save our files, music, images and documents either internally or externally. Sometime, memory card capacity might not be enough to harbor those files, that is why we need to upgrade SD card capacities to contain more files.

Is it possible to convert your SD Card from 1GB to 2GB? The answer here is simple, yes is possible. You can do this conversion for free.

Yes friends, here in this post we are introducing an amazing trick to increase SD card memory size up to 16GB.

This method works same for pendrive & memory card. That means you can upgrade SD card capacities and Pen drive/USB drive size easily and no need to buy new SD card or pen drive to store more data.

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If you are looking to increase SD card memory size then you can expand memory size of any pen drive or SD card by using “SDATA Software”.

What You Can Do with this SDATA Software?

You don’t need to install SDATA Software before you can upgrade SD card capacities.[Portable Pc Tool]

You can upgrade size of any SD card/ memory card.

You can upgrade size of any Pen Drive.

You can upgrade SD card capacities from 2GB to 16GB.

Now for instance: if you are using 2GB SD card then you can increase it 2GB to 4GB,4GB to 8GB,8GB to 16GB. This means you can convert 2GB memory card into 16GB by using “SDATA Software”.

How To Upgrade SD Card Capacities From Lower To Higher capacity

That is great, it is time now to follow all the instructions one by one if you really want to increase SD card memory size and expand the size of your pen drive or memory card by using SDATA Software.

Step 1

The first thing to do before you continue this process is downloading the SDATA Software and installed on your computer.

Now format your SD card before applying the trick in other to upgrade SD card capacities.[MUST]

Don’t use your android mobile. you can use Card reader to attach your SD card with pc.

Step 2Upgrade SD Card Capacities

Make sure your SD card is properly formatted, else it will not work out for you.

Now attach your SD card with PC via card reader.

After formatting it now Note down the SD card drive name.

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Step 3

Now open “SDATA Tool” folder and RUN the software.

Now a window will be open in front of you. Just select the SD card drive as shown below.Upgrade SD Card Capacities

Step 4Upgrade SD Card Capacities

Now after selecting your drive it will ask you what level of Upgrade SD card capacity you want. For example, if you are using 4GB SD card then it will ask you to convert into 8GB.Upgrade SD Card Capacities

Now click on desired section and again click on “E-Compress Now”.

Step 5

Now, the process will start automatically. Just wait and don’t interrupt the process .otherwise it may brick your memory card.Upgrade SD Card Capacities

After completing the process, your SD card capacities will be double.

Now again repeat the process and covert your SD card size again for more space.

Finally on upgrade SD card capacities

This is all about “how to upgrade SD card capacities size up to 16GB or How to double your SD  card size with pc?”Process is same for both pen drive and SD card.

So now, you don’t need to buy new memory card for your storage. Just follow all above steps one by one and covert SD card size from 2GB to 4GB to 8Gb to 16GB.

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