Upgrade Tecno y6 To Android 6.0 Marshmallow Using Mystic OS V7 Custom ROM

Tecno y6 is one of the best Tecno products to enjoy the benefit of technology of today, but it was manufactured with the demerit of difficulties in upgrading this awesome product. Meanwhile, this problem has been overcome as a result of upgrade Tecno y6 To Android 6.0 Marshmallow Using Mystic OS V7 Custom ROM.

upgrade tecno y6

Furthermore, we were able to get an Android 6.0 marshmallow upgrade Tecno y6, so if you are one of the users of the device and you have been yawning for an upgrade to marshmallow, therefore I am glad to tell you that your period of waiting is over, thou this is not an official ROM from Tecno, but just of one the various customs ROMs available around.

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Normally, Tecno y6 does not receive the latest update for their version. So with this custom ROM, you will be able to receive latest updates, upgrade from 4.4.2 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, improved speed and performances, more bug fixed and many others.

It is a better experience using the latest version which higher phones are running. So this tutorial will lead you through on how to upgrade Tecno y6 to android 6.0 Marshmallow

Features of Mystic OS v7 ROM For Upgrade Tecno y6

This process does not just upgrade Tecno y6 to android 6.0 Marshmallow, there are some features that we really enjoy from it. These features include:

====> New boot style of 6.0 Marshmallow

====> More clean graphics

====> Battery conservation

====> New UI animations

====> Progress bar now custom

====> Scrolling animation

====> 3 network traffics

====> Clock and date options

====> Dynamic system bars

====> Heads up notifications

====> Low battery warning options

====> Carrier label on the status bar

====> Navigation bar options

====> Keyboard animations

====> Weather settings

====> Double tap status bar to sleep

====> Cyanogenmod Lock – CM12.1 app icons

====> Nova launcher prime default launcher

====> Android M sounds

====> Marshmallow plat logo and game

====> CM12.1 music player

====> Material themed dialer, contacts, mms , & all other system apps

====> Keyboard animation

====> Adblocker

====> Floating action buttons in messaging & calender

====> Card stack recent panel

====> Stock gallery & camera

====> Based on wiko rainbow stock rom, so there are very less chances of bugs

====> Lollipop lockscreen

====> Pre -rooted with super user

====> Busybox installed

====> ABS Tweak inbuilt

====> Better ram management

====> Better battery backup

====> ROM’s size is 260 MB

====> Lollipop inspired volume panel

====> Screen record in power menu

====> 4 ways reboot options in power menu

====> Material themed Settings

====> Search button in settings’ action bar

====> Lollipop status bar icons

====> Lollipop notification panel with awesome animation

====> Flashlight toggle in panel

====> Delete button after taking ss

====> Themed framework like lollipop

====> Battery styles with battery bar option

====> Mystic Fibres in settings

====> Support developer tab in settings

====> Changelogs, rom logo, release date, etc in About Dark Mystic

====> Smart gestures & Gesture anywhere options

====> Font chooser

====> Performance control and time in state in Mystic Fibres

====> Engineer mod & scheduled power on off

====> App ops, autostarts & phone settings

====> Option to change lcd density

====> Media scanner on boot

====> Multi user options

====> Build prop modder

How To Flash Or Install Tecno Y6 Mystic OS V7 Custom ROM: upgrade Tecno y6

NB: Before you continue, your Tecno y6 phone must be rooted and battery life should be 60% and above, you must use only Tecno Y6 to install this custom ROM.

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Step 1 ====> Download Mystic OS V7 custom ROM-upgrade tecno y6

Firstly, you have to download the Mystic OS V7 custom ROM and save it in the root of your SD card, then download custom recovery.

Step 2 ====> Power off your phone- upgrade Tecno y6

Then power off your phone and hold Power + Volume up button to boot into recovery mode then locate where you downloaded your Mystic OS V7 and swipe right to install.

Step 3 ====> After installation-upgrade Tecno y6


After installation, go to the recovery mode menu and tap on Wipe data/reset then mark SYSTEM, DATA, Dalvik and swipe to wipe cache.

Step 4 ====> REBOOT NOW- upgrade Tecno y6


Then tap on REBOOT NOW. Wow! your Tecno y6 will now be running on 6.0 Marshmallow.


How to Fix The Bugs Attached to this Custom ROM while Upgrading Tecno y6

PlayStore Bug while upgrading Tecno y6, you can download it and use the above method to install and fix the bug.

Key and Keyboard Fix while upgrade Tecno y6, you can also download it and use the above method to install and fix the bug.


If you find the process of upgrade Tecno y6 to android 6.0 marshmallow using Mystic OS V7 custom ROM, feel free to share among your friend with the same brand of phone.

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