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How To Use Facebook Messenger On Computer (Desk Top)

Facebook Messenger is a cross platform mobile application which allows you to communicate with your friends on Facebook platform with contacts through instant messaging, voice, and video calls.

Facebook Messenger available for all major mobile Operating System (OS) platforms including iOS, Windows Phone, Android and many others. Furthermore, it also exists as a web based client for PC and Mac.

On the other hand Facebook is a social media platform to enjoy series of lives activities such as meeting people from around the world. People of differents cultures, languages and divers of background.

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As this is good, at the same time it might be annoying when you find it hard to communicate with friends through Facebook web page as this consumed more data, or at times poor network service. Then this is where Facebook Messenger comes in as it requires less data and less network strength.

If you and your friends love Facebook a lot, then Facebook Messenger would be the perfect messaging app for both of you. Then not only on mobile alone, you can enjoy the benefit of Facebook Messenger, as well you can enjoy it on computer system as well.

The Facebook Messenger runs perfectly on Android and iOS devices. Through this instant messaging app, you can send text messages, photos, videos and more to your Facebook friends. But Facebook Messenger has its one drawback; it cannot be used with someone who is not on Facebook.

There is an app that allows you to send messages from your phone and other devices, but if you want to use Messenger on the computer, you can fire it up in your browser as well.

How To Use Facebook Messenger On Computer (Desk Top)       

Open up messenger

===> Visit the home page of Facebook messenger (www.messenger.com)Facebook Messenger

===> Sign in with your Facebook phone number by entering your email address and setting your password.

===> Review the chat window.

You will see a list of your previous chats on the left, the transcript of the currently selected chat in the middle, and information about the current chat on the right (including participants, notification information, and a group nickname, if you have entered one).

===> Chat with a friend.

Facebook Messenger

When you click into the “Search for people and groups” field, it will turn into a list of your Facebook contacts (Facebook Friends). Enter a name to find the person you want to chart with, and then click on their name and icon.

===> Get talking.

You can enter text into the bottom of the chat window, and add emojis, GIFs, and stickers, just like on the Messenger app. then you are good to go.

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Another way of accessing Facebook Messenger on computer

After logging into your Facebook account at Messenger.com, you will be greeted by a familiar interface. The design mimics that of the Messenger mobile app but uses a three-column layout.

On the left is a list of your conversations along with a settings button and a button to compose a new message.

The middle column shows your current or selected conversation. The person or people included in the conversation you are viewing are listed on the right with a check box to mute notifications for that conversation.

In settings, you can disable all notifications and all sounds. When composing a message, you can add emoji, stickers, photos and a thumbs-up, just as you can with the Messenger mobile app.

Access your Facebook Messenger from Facebook window

Some time you might not interested in using Facebook Messenger app to access messenger, but you can access this from your Facebook account when you log in. you will be wondering how this is possible, this is very possible and simple.

===> Log in to your Facebook Account

Here, you are to log in to your Facebook account

===> Click Messenger iconFacebook Messenger

After logging in, look at the right hand side at the top corner where there is friends request icon, you will see Facebook Messenger icon, then hit the button.

===> After clicking the iconFacebook Messenger

After you click the icon (Facebook Messenger FM), you will see a drop down menu to see the list of friends of messenger to chart with. Though, this is not like the real Facebook Messenger app, but its work well also.

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===> Chat with friendsFacebook Messenger

From the drop down menu, click on any friends you want to chart with. After that, a small window will comes up from the base of your window.

Then, you are good to go by chatting with your friends and families. This is not like when you are using the Facebook Messenger, but at least you are communicating with your love ones.

Finally on this note

All of the Facebook Messenger options listed in this article are free to use and allow you to use all of the features that are available for you. If you have any way that is listed on this article, kindly let us know through the comment box and don’t forget to share this post with friends on social media.

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