How To Add Custom Email Address To Gmail Account

Custom Email Address

Email is one of the biggest means of communication throughout the world. You can send and receive messages from friends, family and even co-worker. The joy of this article is that, it will teach you how you can add custom email address to your Gmail account without any problem.

You can set up Gmail account to send messages using any of your email addresses right from its web app.

You are not limited to your Gmail address when sending out mail from your Gmail account. You can set up “accounts” for any of your addresses and use them to appear in the header form.

Add Custom Email Address To Your Gmail Acccount

In other to add custom email address to your Gmail account, you need to carefully follow the steps bellow.

Step 1 ====> Log in to your Gmail account

Step 2 ====> Now click the setting gear icon at the top right corner in your account (use the standard view)

Step 3 ====> From the drop down menu, click settings

Custom Email Address

Step 4 ====> Now click accounts and import

Step 5 ====> Next step, click add another email address

Step 6 ====> Provide the desire email address, here we use Yahoo mail as an example.  Click Specify a differentreplytoaddress and type the email address again.Custom Email Address

If you do not set the Reply-To: address, replies to your messages may go to your Gmail address.

Step 7 ====> Click next to continue

Step 8 ====> Provide your user name and the pass word in the space that requires them.

Step 9 ====> Then click add account

Step 10 ====> If you do not have an SMTP server for the account: Make sure Send through Gmail is selected and Click Next Step ››.

Step 11 ====> Now click Send Verification to proceed custom email address.

Step 12 ====> Close the GmailAdd another email address window.

Step 13 ====> Check for new email in your email client and follow the verification link in the Gmail Confirmation – Send Mail as… message.

Step 14 ====> Close the Confirmation Success! window. Verify your new email address appears in the Accounts section of your Gmail settings.

Now that you have added the email address to your Gmail account in process of custom email address, to send mail from any of your Gmail accounts and addresses: here are the steps to follow.

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