Chrome Password Viewer : How To View Saved Password In Chrome

Saved Password In Chrome

Chrome password viewer is one of the features one needs to enjoy while surfing the internet with the use of Google chrome browser. No arguments about the facts that Google chrome is among the most widely browsers used globally. In other to reduce the stress of providing login details always, saved password in chrome possible.

Trying to remember passwords is one of the compelling parts of being online. So many a times online accounts need to be set up, and that goes along with so many passwords.

The joy of it is to recollect your password each time you want to log into that account. Meanwhile, to save our time from cracking brain in other to recollect our password. Google chrome has this feature which helps to saved password when registering an account online.

Chrome password viewer is gaining popularity these days, as user try to view saved password in chrome.

So when your browser offers you the convenience of a password manager, the offer is too tempting to pass up. Just tell it all your passwords, it will store them for you, sync them for you, and it will even auto-fill the log-in fields for you.

Saved Password In Chrome And Its Advantages

Saving password in Google chrome will offers you some advantages, which includes:

  • No need to crack your brain to recollect password while logging in
  • It save your time and reduces the stress of typing your password
  • It keep it save and secrete while you are the only one using your computer

I hope you know that everything that has merits must surely come out with demerits as well. Now that you are familiar with some of the benefits why you saved password in chrome browser. Here are some of the demerits:

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Saved Password In Chrome And Its Disadvantages

In other not to waste much of our time, here are the lists of the negative effect of chrome saving your password.

  • If you are using public café, your account are not secure
  • It expose your account to intruders

Chrome password Viewer: How To View Saved Password In Chrome

Follow the steps you about to read in other to view saved password in chrome. They are very simple thing you can do without any problem.

Step 1 ====> First of all, open your browser (Google Chrome)

Step 2 ====> Open a new tab

Step 3 ====>Click the three dots (…) at the right top corner on the screen and the click settings

Saved Password In Chrome

Step 4 ====> Scroll down until you see advanced at the bottom of the screen and click on it

Step 5 ====> Then scroll down until you see manage password and click on it

Saved Password In Chrome

Step 6 ====> Now click on the arrow at the front of manage password

Step 7 ====> Yow will now view all saved password in chrome. Now you a step closer on chrome password viewer

Step 8 ====> Click on any of the sites you want to view its password. Just click on the eye icon to expand it.

Saved Password In Chrome

Step 9 ====> As soon as you click on the eye icon, a small window will pop up demanding your windows password. Just provide and click ok to proceed.

Step 10 ====> After clicking OK, password to that particular site will be reveal as shown bellow

Saved Password In Chrome

Finally On Chrome Password Viewer

If you follow the steps highlighted above, you will definitely view every saved password in chrome. Even with the user name you used to register on that site.

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