How To View Saved Password On Firefox

Saved Password On Firefox

Browsers have a certain feature which help saved password when you use the internet. This could be when you log in into your Facebook account, Google account and other account you logged into using these browsers. Google chrome, Safari, Firefox among other. Viewing saved password on Firefox is the basis of this article.

Though this feature is good, mainly when you use your own personal computer. This will reduce the stress of providing login detail each time you are using the internet.

As well, it also has it demerit. This will expose your account details to intruders when you are using public café to access your account.

Therefore to be on the saver side when you are using public café or your personal computer to access any of your account. You need to view saved password on Firefox then take action.

In addition, sometime you may need your log in credentials for certain purpose and you don’t know the exact place you keep them. Viewing saved password in Firefox will help you overcome the burden.

Storing passwords in browser for future use is a very handy feature if you are handling accounts on a number of websites. But, if you are using this feature you should take care of your system.

Make sure only authorized users are using your system. Otherwise, the wrong person can see your passwords and take advantage of it.

How To Saved Password On Firefox

If we are log in the first time on a website from the Firefox browser and did not save password yet, then it asks for ‘Do you want Firefox to save your password for this site?save-password-in-firefox

If you want your login details to be save, click on Save button then this action will save passwords on Firefox.

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How To View Saved Password On Firefox

If you truly want to view saved password on Firefox, the steps bellow will guide you. Just follow it the way it will be explain in this article:

Step 1 ====> Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer

Step 2 ====> Click on the Tools menu in menu bar

Saved Password On Firefox

Step 3 ====> Select Options, this will open in new tab

Step 4 ====> Select Security from left side menu

Step 5 ====> Then you will see saved password button as shown in below imageSaved Password On Firefox

Step 6 ====> Click on Saved Passwords button.

Step 7 ====> Another small window will open

Step 8 ====> There will be list of sites with usernames

Step 9 ====> Select One site and click the show Password


As soon as you click on show password, it will clearly show saved password on Firefox for that particular website, says Facebook account.

It is a bit hard to find saved password in Firefox. What do you have to say about this tutorial? Let me know your opinion through comment box bellow.

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