Vivint Smart Home Security System, Vivint Security Cameras Reviews

Security has become an issue of global study. As a matter of fact, the world at large is facing security challenges. In that case, everyone must play his or her role to make the environment a secure place. That is where and why Vivint Security System comes in. In that regard, this article will focus on every important thing you need to know about Vivint Security Cameras Reviews

As a global challenge, home security must and should not be handled with a levity hand. It is what we should look at and as well plays our part to make our safe and secure.

In other to monitor exactly what is likely going on in your compound while not at home, while your kids are at home or while the third parties are with your children. Vivint Security Cameras are what you need to be strategically installed in your home

You can clearly monitor with is happening on your device at a particular time where ever you find yourself. That has been said, in this article, we will take a look at Vivint Security Review and how the system work.  

Vivint security is one of the leading security system brands in the United States which has been n the system for over 20 good years. That shows, they have what it takes, more experience which we consider the best teacher.

As a matter of fact, based on the amazing job done. Vivint security has over 1.4 million customers across the United States. Whit this shows the company knows what it takes to handle home security without any bias.

Vivint Security Cameras Pros and Cons

Here we shall be looking at what we like about the Vivint camera as well what we consider as the negative side of using the security camera.

Vivint Camera is Very Good at

====> It has Smart Sentry lurker detection

====> It has two-way audio, every conversation will be clearly recorded

====> The security system has amazing sharp 1080p video

====> It works with other Vivint components

====> It has 4K HDR sensor

The Negative aspect of Vivint Security Cameras

====> It has no zoom function while recording video

====> Vivint Cameras are very expensive

====> Requires Vivint Smart Home Security system and professional installation

====> Vivint does not support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT

Vivint Camera Features

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Features Breakdown

CameraVivint Outdoor Camera
Degree of vision140 degrees
Local StorageYes
Cloud StorageYes
Two-way audioYes
24/7 recordingYes
Night visionYes
Battery or wireWired

Vivint Installation Overview

 Invasiveness (drilling & wiring)Time it Takes
Walk-Through & ConsultationNA10 – 20 minutes
Recessed SensorsModerate30-45 minutes
Motion sensorsMinimal5 minutes
Peel and Stick SensorsNA15 minutes
Garage Door OpenerModerate20 minutes
Ping Indoor CameraNA5 minutes
Glass Break SensorsMinimal5 minutes
Doorbell Camera ProMinimal10 minutes
Outdoor Camera ProExtensive30 minutes
Contracts/SurveyNA10 minutes
System TrainingNA20 minutes
Total TimeNA3 hours

Vivint Installation Pros and Cons

We have covered the overview of what likely happened in the courses of installation. Now, we need to look at like merits and demerits of installing Vivint security cameras in your home, office and any other places you may think of.

Merits of Installation Process

====> You will enjoy the benefit of professional installation right the first time

====> Technician shows you the ropes

====> If installed incorrectly, they fix it free of charge

====> Equipment placement/mounting consultation

====> No back-and-forth with tech support

====> Overall less stressful

Demerits of Installing Vivint Camera

====> It is a time-consuming process, mainly if you are not a professional, it takes about a 3-4 hour window

====> Installation fees may apply, but not as high as you may think

====> A technician must enter your home, which you might not like. But you need to allow them for a perfect job

====> Contracts are the norm

How to Install Outdoor Security Cameras

With what we have covered about Vivint Camera, it is time to run through the installation process of Vivint Security Cameras.

The installation process is not that hard or tough, but sometimes, you the service of an expert. Though, this may attract some charges. But, in the end, you will enjoy the amazing work done.

Step 1 ====> First on the process is getting the right cameras

Here what you need to achieve plays a vital role in acquiring the right security camera. Once you know your objective, get the Vivint security camera. Therefore, the Vivint camera with the following feature might be the best.

====> Motion detection that triggers auto recording

====> WiFi capabilities so your cameras can connect

====> HD resolution for crisp, clear images

====> Infrared LED night vision for true 24/7 security

Step 2 ====> You must consider range of view

Once you determined what you want out of your cameras, which I believe you have purchased. Choose where you want to install or place them.

The camera works perfectly well with different view angles. Camera view angle differs thereby function also differs. The camera that works in a room will not surely work outside as a result of viewing angles.

 Therefore, a camera with a smaller range of view says 45° to 75° angle works perfectly well in the porchway facing a door or near the driveway directed toward a car.

When installing a camera with a wider frame of view say 120° to 180° place the camera where you can take advantage of the angle, like above garage doors.

Install the camera approximately 9 feet off the ground, so it’s not easily accessible and can’t be tampered with it.

Step 3 ====> Location of Vivint Security Cameras!!!

Don’t forget to consider power. Cameras need to be installed in a location convenient to a power source. Connected cameras communicate wirelessly, but they do need electrical power to operate. So, you must install Vivint security cameras in a place where you have access to a power source or provide an alternative means of power

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Step 4 ====> Think before you drill

The biggest mistakes homeowners make when attempting to install outdoor cameras occur when drilling. So once it’s time to physically mount your cameras, educate yourself.

Make sure you find out how to drill through that surface, so you don’t incur damage to your home. And it is absolutely imperative that you find out what is behind the wall before you start drilling. Are there electrical wires or plumbing pipes?

You will save time, frustration, and money in damages by making sure you are drilling into an ideal spot. Use the right-sized drill bit, and take your time.

Conclusion on Vivint Security Cameras

Now you have seen what it takes to install Vivint security cameras. You also know what you must consider before you purchase any Vivint camera.

Once you have this at the back of your mind, then you are good to go. But sometimes, you need the service of a professional for proper and perfect installation

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