Guide to Install and Stream HappyKids on Roku TV, Android and Other Devices

HappyKids TV is known to be a free and safe app for educating and entertaining kids of all age groups. On the channel, your kid will have access to popular music, Movies, Stories, DIYs, Shows, Vlogs and many more. In that sense, this article will cover the most important things you need to know about Happykids TV Roku, Watch HappyKids TV on your devices and a lot more.

One more thing to have at the back of your mind is the fact that content on Happykids is segmented by age group and well as interest. The content segmented will make it easier to find the best videos that suit your child.

Happy Kids TV is a free streaming app where kids of various age groups can watch popular shows. The contents of HappyKids are segmented by age group and by interest as mentioned above.

It was recorded that more than 10 Million parents trust this app. It also provides kids with safe content. Once your child is on Kids Happy Cartoon, don’t worry about what is going on. Content on happykids tv is strictly for children, though it is off various age groups.

You can install HappyKids on your Roku device, Android devices, and other streaming devices. In that case, this article will guide us through the installation process of some of these streaming devices.

Some of the Features of the HappyKids App

As mentioned above, content on the channel is for kids. Then, it has the following feature which makes it good to watch Happykids TV.

====> There are more than 55000 kid-safe videos available on the happy Kids library which your children can choose from and watch.

====> Through the channel, you can discover Kids and Family-friendly movies to educate your children

====> No email ID, registration, or fees required. All videos are completely free! Just install and start watching.

====> Another important feature of HappyKids TV, it was awarded the Kidsafe+ COPPA certified seal

====> You children will be able to access various background patterns with unlimited colours on HappyKids TV

====> You can choose videos for Kids easily because the content is divided among age groups for easy discovery.

====> Content divided among age groups for easy discovery

Pros of Happy Kids App (Watch HappyKids)

Watching HappyKids on your device is free

No ads included, you will be disturbed with worrying ads

Video is safe for child viewing, you don’t need to worry about the content as it meant for kids

Compatible with popular streaming devices such as Roku, Firestick, Android among others

It contains hundreds of children’s content for learning and game purposes

Customer support is accessible at all time

HD quality and good audio content

Cons of Happy Kids TV App

New updates for shows usually accumulate longer period

Sometimes, it can be very slow and have buffering issues

Top Best ways or platforms to Watch HappyKids

HappyKids contents are good contents to educate kids thereby encouraging their learning, reading ability among others.

On the channel, kids can easily get content best suit them. The more they watch, the more interest they have. The more they are learning.

From TV shows to movies, from music videos to educational rhymes, from fun stories to classic books. We will guide you to install and stream the Happy Kids app on your streaming devices.

Install HappyKids TV App and stream on Firestick

Currently, HappyKids TV is unavailable on your local app store. You can gain access by downloading it with the use of a third-party app or sideloading the apk file on your device. Here is the step by step guide that you need to follow:

Step 1 ====> You need to connect your devices to source power and power it ON

Step 2 ====> Select the Settings from the menu bar through the home screen on your Firestick by hovering around the gear icon.

Step 3 ====> Now select My Fire TV

Step 4 ====> Now choose Developer Options

Step 5 ====> You need to turn ON debugging, tap Apps from Unknown Sources and then click Turn On

Step 6 ====> Go back to your home screen and select find on the menu bar

Step 7 ====> Then, you need to click on the Search bar, type in Downloader App

Step 8 ====> From the search results, select Downloader, select its app icon

Step 9 ====> After that, click Get and start downloading the app

Step 10 ====> After the installation is complete, open the app on your device

Step 11 ====> Then select Allow to enable using it

Step 12 ====> Once the Downloader app is available, type in the search bar the link of the app you will be downloading. Here, type in:

Step 13 ====> By that, you will be able to download APK file

Step 14 ====> After downloading, select Install the app on your device 

Step 15 ====> Now, you need to open the app

Step 16 ====> You can now use the complete features of the HappyKids TV App on your Firestick device.

Add HappyKids TV on Roku TV (Watch HappyKids)

As we know, Roku is one of the leading streaming devices. In that case, we will run through the complete process to add Happy Kids TV to Roku thereby watching Happykids on your device.

Step 1 ====> You need to connect your devices to source power and power it ON

Step 2 ====> Press the home button on the remote to go to the Home page

Step 3 ====> On the sidebar, visit the Streaming Channels option

Step 4 ====> Click on the Search Channel option, Enter HappyKids as a keyword using the on-screen keyboard

Step 5 ====> From the search result, select HappyKids app

Step 6 ====> Install the app on your Roku by clicking on Add Channel option

Step 7 ====> Now, click on Go to Channel to launch the app and start streaming your favourite content.

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Stream HappyKids on

The best way to watch HappyKids is through the It is the best-in-class kids’ video platform with fun and engaging shows that help your child learn and grow.

Through the HappyKids app, you will be able to sort content by age group, giving your child immediate options that will be entertaining for them while also teaching critical thinking, social, and emotional skills.

The app features lots of educational content that teaches critical thinking, social, and emotional skills. From learning how to write and draw to how to be a good friend, counting, language acquisition, and more.

Watch HappyKids on Tubi TV

On Tubi TV, you will be able to access free entertainment. It also has an impressive library of TV shows and movies from nearly every genre.

On it, we have a section for kids. Many of the movies are geared toward older audiences (more on that below).

But their Kids Shows section should be safe for most kids to browse without supervision as long as you get rid of this is dangerous so that your children don’t come across it.

Cast HappyKids on Roku using Android

Keep your casting device and the Roku device connected to the same WiFi network. You need to download and install the HappyKids app on Android from the Google Play Store.

Now, Open the Notification Panel on your Android device. Locate and click on the Cast icon at the top right corner of the screen

From here, you need to select your Roku device from the list of available devices. Now, play any video on HappyKids and the same gets cast to your Roku TV screen.

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