Wawa Gas Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide and Payment Process

Wawa Credit Card Review

Wawa Credit Card (WCC) is one of the best credit cards if you are the type that purchases gas from Wawa gas stations. This credit card is a good one as you need not worry about the annual fee, it is a zero-fee credit card. As a matter of fact, is one of the credit cards issued by Citi bank.

Meanwhile, the Wawa Gas card seems to promise pretty worthwhile benefits. On the other hand, there are numerous limitations that diminish the use of WCC.

Though we mentioned above, the Wawa gas card is an annual free-fee credit card. It has a high interest rate, it is considered something normal among store-branded credit cards.

Upon registration or Wawa credit card apply, you will enjoy 25 cents rebate on each gallon for the first two months or 60 days. This amounts to about 10 percent cash back during this period.

After the first 60 days, you will entitle to a 5 cents rebate for every gallon you purchased with your Wawa Gas Card, this is equivalent to 2% cashback.

This seems so good, but you will not be able to enjoy more than $60 per year as cash back reward. Not only that, you will only be able to get 100 rebates during the billing period.

But even if you try to get the maximum during the first 60 days, you will almost immediately reach the rewards limit (as you will get $50 in rebates).

Another thing to put into consideration is that WCC is not connected to a credit card major network (like Visa or MasterCard). In that case, you should not expect to be able to use a Wawa credit card elsewhere other than Wawa stores.

In addition to that, you can manage your Wawa gas card account online. You can also keep track of your gas purchases separately.

Benefits of Wawa Credit Card

This part of the article will run through the benefits of having a Wawa Gas Card in your wallet. You only need to keep reading as you explore the benefits in detail.

Online Management

Wawa gives you access to the online account. This simply means you will be able to manage your account, such as paying your bills online, track your fuel purchases for budgeting, and see when your next bill will be due.

No Annual Fee

One great benefit of having the Wawa credit card, you will not be charged any annual fees as mentioned above in the article.

Many credit card companies charge a host of fees, hidden or not that becomes such a hassle for credit card owners. The Wawa credit card makes having credit easy and absolutely manageable

Interest Free

You will be able to enjoy interest-free for the first 6 months upon your approval on WCC. That is a good amount of savings that you could also take advantage of. It might be a good time to schedule that road trip that you have been planning.

Identity Theft

Wawa Credit Card is issued by Citi Bank. In that case, Citi Bank has the option to help you protect your account if you ever become a victim of identity theft.

Meanwhile, Wawa understands the hassle and the stress that identity theft could bring, and providing assistance to you is a benefit that you couldn’t appreciate until you actually need it.

Initial Savings

When you get approved for a Wawa credit card, you automatically save 25 cents per gallon for the first 60 days. That kind of savings is unheard of. That could mean a $5 savings for filling up a 20 gallons tank. After the first two months, you still get extra savings at 5 cents per gallon

Pros of the Wawa Credit Card

====> Decent rewards on fuel purchases at Wawa

====> This credit card is a zero fee annual card

Cons of the Wawa Gas Card

====> You will only enjoy limited rewards like you will not enjoy more than $60 as cash back

====> There are not any great features except for the reward on gas.

====> High late fees (around $38) and high-interest rates around (29%)

Apply for Wawa Credit Card

Due to what you have been reading on the Wawa Gas card, yet you have not applied for WCC. You are at the right place, this part of the article will run through the Wawa card application process.

The application process will only take a few minutes from your time. The entire application process can be completed online. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Wawa Credit Card Application Page

Step 2 ====> On the page, you need to locate and click on the huge Apply Now Button

Wawa Gas Card Review

Step 3 ====> After you clicked on the apply button, you will be redirected to the webpage of Citi Bank. At that point, you will get to see the application form.

Step 4 ====> Start filling out the application form. First, provide your names (first and last). Then, provide your email address, phone number, address, financial information, social security number, and date of birth all in the space provided.

Wawa Credit Card

Step 5 ====> Once you have filled these fields, scroll down and get to see the terms of using this credit card. Read the agreement and the terms of use.

Step 6 ====> If you agree with the terms of use, scroll down to the bottom of the page. At that point, you must check the boxes near the I have read and agree and I agree to receive… lines.

Step 7 ====> Lastly, in the end, click on the Submit Application button.

Wawa Credit Card Login Process

We are moving forward, you have just completed the application process. That is a great one, meanwhile, you need to log in to your online account before you can manage your Wawa Gas card online.

In that respect, this part of the article will run through the Wawa credit card login process. This process will only take a few minutes before you start managing your Wawa account online.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official Wawa Card Login page

Step 2 ====> On the left side of that page, you will see the online banking form that is the place where you can complete the Wawa credit card login process

Step 3 ====> Now, enter your login details (username and password) in the field provided

Step 4 ====> You may check the box near Remember My User ID under the Username field. That will allow you to save your username for future sessions, do this only on your personal computer.

Step 5 ====> At the end, you should finish the process by clicking on the Sign-On button.

If you have completed everything correctly, you will access your account in a second. Following it, you will be able to do any transactions you want.

Wawa Gas Credit Card Payment Process

One more thing you must know, payment is the best you could get from your cards. Wawa Gas Card is one of the cards which make payment easier for the users.

This part of the article will run through the means of the payment process. Each of the processes is active and effective.

Wawa Card Online Payment Process

Wawa Gas Card Phone Payment Process

Wawa Card Online Payment Process

This is the most commonly used method to pay bills. The process will take a few steps. You need to register your card, then log in to your online account as explained above in the article.

Now, on your dashboard, locate the payment button and click on it, follow the on-screen instruction to complete the payment process.

Wawa Gas Card Phone Payment Process

Another payment process on Wawa Gas Credit Card is via the phone. If you wish to pay your Wawa card through a phone call, you should call 1 855 207 9816 (from 9 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.)

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Wawa Credit Card Commonly Asked Questions and Possible Answer

You are now at the questions and answers part of the article. The team tries hard to provide possible answers to each of the questions in this part of the article.

What Credit Score do you need for Wawa Card?

Though, this is a bit technical question. It was not mentioned on the official website the credit score need for the Wawa gas card.

Meanwhile, a high credit score is better while a low or poor credit score may not guarantee the approval of your Wawa Credit Card application. Therefore, if you want to apply for this credit card, your credit score should be around 670

Is there an app for Wawa Credit Card?

Yes, Wawa card has app. You can download the app via the link on the official website. Be sure to make your first purchase using the Wawa app, Wawa Rewards Key Card, or a Wawa Gift Card registered to your account each time you shop in our stores to continue earning rewards.

Does Wawa Credit Card Worth it?

Though this card can only be used in Wawa store and Gas Station. Not only that, it is not connected to the major credit card network like Visa and MasterCard. It is therefore referred to as a store credit card.

Now back to the question, does Wawa Gas card worth it? We will say yes. Using this card, you will enjoy some benefits which other credit card will not offer her customers.

How do I Pay My Wawa Credit Card?

You can pay your bill through this credit card via the online payment process and phone payment process. If you need details on this, refer to the payment process in the article as explained.

What can the WCC Use for?

This is an amazing question that demands a good answer. Wawa Gas Credit Card can be used on any food, beverage, and merchandise purchase at Wawa locations.

This also includes your favorite Shorti hoagie but has some added bonuses if you use it to fill up your car’s gas tank.

How Much Money Can I take out of a Wawa ATM?

No article or post on withdrawal limit on Wawa ATMs. You need to keep in mind that, the limit may be set by your bank and your credit card as well.

As an alternative to the Wawa ATMs, remember that there are plenty of other convenience stores that offer cash back at the registers.

Does Wawa Do Cash Back?

Back to the question, does Wawa do cash back? No, absolutely No. Wawa doesn’t do cash back on purchases, but it does have ATMs on site.

All Wawa ATMs are surcharge-free, but your bank may still charge an out-of-network fee if you withdraw cash from a Wawa ATM.

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