WhatsApp Voice Recording Lock | No more Pressing the Mic Button

WhatsApp voice for Android has received a new beta version that brings the ability to lock recording of voice messages. This was previously added to WhatsApp for iPhone and is designed to let users conveniently record long voice messages without holding the mic record button down the entire time. It is also reported that WhatsApp is working to add an option to play voice messages before they are sent to the receiver.

Voice messaging provides an enriching chat experience, an opportunity to deliver important and time-sensitive information. But the biggest fans of WhatsApp voice messages will tell you about the pain of holding the mic button to record a note, however long it may have to take. This has now been made much easier and simpler, thanks to the voice recording lock feature introduced in WhatsApp.

May be you don’t know you can lock the mic so as to freely move your finger and as well continue your voice messages on WhatsApp. I am glad to tell you, WhatsApp voice recording are much easier this day as you don’t need to hold the recording button (mic) before you complete your long voice messages.

WhatsApp Voice Recording Lock: No more Pressing the Mic Button

Now that you have pre-knowledge of what this article is about. Then there is no reason we should waste much of our time, let continue the process in details.

Step 1 ====> Launch WhatsApp on your Android smartphone

Step 2 ====> Tap on the contact of the recipient voice message

Step 3 ====> Now tap and hold the mic icon at the left right hand side for two to five seconds, then a key will appear at the top side, slid up along the key to lock the voice message feature.

WhatsApp Voice Recording Lock

Step 4 ====> A user can Tap on Cancel if they do not wish to share this, and it will automatically get trashed. However, if a user wants to send the voice message, they can just press on the send option, which is the green arrow box next to cancel. This has does away with the earlier norm of having to slide in order to delete the voice message.

WhatsApp Voice Recording Lock

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