Guide on Zales Credit Card Registration, Login Guide & Payment Methods

Zales Credit Card Registration, Login Guide

Three people reasoned together, planned together and founded an amazing Jewelry company called Zales Jewelers. William Zale, Ben Lipshy and Morris Zale actually come together to established Zales Jewelers as far back as 1924. These people built Zale to a wonderful credit plan thereby allows customers to drop little and make a weekly payment as low as $1. In this article, we will run through Zales Credit Card.

In 2014, the company change hands as the company moved from Zale Corporation to Signet Jewelers who are the owners of Kay Jewelers and Jared. As at when this article complied, Zales has more than 700 shops or store across the United State of America.

Zales CreditCard is also called Zales Diamond credit card. This credit card is issued to customers by Zales Jewelers through Comenity Bank. As a matter of fact, Comenity Bank is one of the leading banks in the United State of America that issues different credit cards. Zales Card or Zales Diamond credit card is among some of the credit card issued by Zales Jewelers through Comenity Bank.

Pros and Cons of Zales Diamond Credit Card

Pros and Cons simply refer to the good and bad of Zales Credit card or Zales Diamond Card as you want it. This point is very common to every credit card, in one way or the others, they have what to good at and bad at. Therefore, in this part of the article, we will quickly highlight the pros and cons of the Zales Diamond Credit Card.

Pros of Zales Credit Card

In simple sentences, here is the list of what Zale Diamond Credit Card is good at. As you go through these points, you will discover they are wonderful points.

====> You will also benefit 36 months of low-APR financing available on some purchases

====> You will enjoy what we called 0% deferred APR deals

====> There is no annual fee attached to your credit card

====> It is relatively easy to get this card, application and approved of Zales Diamond Credit card it easy

====> You will enjoy exclusive offers and many discounts through the use of your credit card

====> You will enjoy free shipping when you use your Zales CreditCard

====> Last but not the least in these categories, you will benefit cardholder perks

Cons of Zales Diamond Credit Card

====> There is a financing fee attached to your credit card and restrictions on your Zales card

====> High ongoing APR

====> You can’t use this card elsewhere than Zales stores.

====> No actual cashback rewards.

====> The interest rate is ridiculously high, even as for a store-branded credit card.

====> You may likely come across what is termed deferred interest on your Zales Diamond CreditCard

How to Apply for Zales CreditCard

If you want to apply for this credit card, the process is very simple and easy. But before going through the application process. We want to list out the requirements.

The Requirements to Apply for Zales Credit Card

The following are the list of what you need to be able to apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card. If you meet the requirement, then go ahead and apply.

====> You must be a United State Citizen

====> You must have a credit score of at least 600

====> You must be 18 years and above

Apply for Zales Credit Card

As mentioned above, if you meet the criteria’s, you can go and apply through online process. Therefore, here is the complete step to apply for Zales Diamond Credit Card.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the online portal through your browser or copy and paste on your browser

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click the Apply Now button

Zales Credit Card Registration, Login Guide

Step 3 ====> You will be redirected to the official Zales website, on the page locate and click on Apply Now Button

Step 4 ====> After click on the apply button, a pop up will come up, click on Create Account

Step 5 ====> Now, you will get to see the page with the application form. At the top of it, you will notice the terms and conditions of that credit card. Read and agree with the terms and condition.

Step 6 ====> Then start filling out the application form. At first, you must provide your personal and contact information. Once you have filled out that form, you can proceed further. For that, you should scroll down till the very bottom and click on the Continue button.

Step 7 ====> After submitting your application, you are likely to see the result right away. But if you haven’t got to see any result, this means that the bank might need from a few days to a few months in order to consider your application.

Zales Diamond Credit Card Login Process

Now that you have applied for the card, your application got approved and your card is with you. It is time to log in to your account. Here we will share with you the login process. But before that, here is the list of the requires materials

====> You need your login details, your username and password

====> You need your gadgets, such as your computer system, phones and other devices that can access the internet

====> You need the latest version of your browsers

====> The right or correct URL is also needed

Now that you have this on ground, let go through the Zales Card login guide in details.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the online portal through your browser or copy and paste on your browser

Step 2 ====> On this page, it is a page to connect Comenity Bank and Zales together. At the left-hand side, you need to provide your login details. That is your username and password

Step 3 ====> You may click remember me to save your user name on the page. This is advisable when you are using your personal gadgets.

Step 4 ====> Finally, complete the process by click on the login button

As soon as you log in, you can do a lot on your account. These include checking your account balance, paying through your Zales CreditCard

Zales CreditCard Payment Methods

You have done well till now, now let lookout for different payment methods on Zales Diamond CreditCard. So in this article, we shall be discussing three different payment methods on Zales Credit Card.

Mail Payment Method

Phone call Payment method

Online Payment Method

Pay Your Zales Credit Card via Mail Method

You can make payment through your credit card via the mail payment method. Here is what you need to do. Mail your payment to the address below.

Comenity Capital Bank

P.O. Box 659819

San Antonio, TX 78268-9119

Make a Zales Diamond CreditCard Payment by Phone

You can pay your bill through an authorized and automated Zales Credit Card payment service number. The phone number is released by Comenity Capital bank.

You only need to dial 844 271 2708 and you will be connected with the automated phone system. Then provide your details, such as your Zales CreditCard number or Social Security number to access your account.

From there, you can make payments as you would online, by providing your bank information and the amount you would like to pay.

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Make a Zales Diamond Credit Card Payment via Online Method

This is the last but not the least means of payment through your Zales credit card. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 ====> You need to Register with Comenity Capital Bank

Step 2 ====> Login to your account using your login details, your password and username

Step 3 ====> On your account, click on payment option

Step 4 ====> Follow the onscreen steps to complete your payment process


First and foremost, we want to thank you for reading through. By now you are familiar with the pros and cons of Zales Credit Card. We run through the registration process, login guide and payment methods through your Zales Diamond CreditCard. We also informed you that, the CreditCard is issued by Zales Jewelers to customers through Comenity Bank.

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