Zulily Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide, Payment Methods and Customer Care Line

Zulily Credit Card Review and Payment Process

Zulily credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank, though, this card is called a store-branded credit card. This credit card was launched in the middle of 2017. We may say, it is new to the populace.

Currently, Zulily card tends to be quite popular among the customers who regularly make purchases on the Zulily marketplace.

As we had mentioned, Zulily credit card appears to be a typical store-branded credit card. In that regard, this card comes with a zero annual fee, but with a very high-interest rate, it reaches 27.99% per annum.

In addition, this credit card is not linked to any other major network, such as MasterCard or Visa. This means that you cannot use this credit card elsewhere than the Zulily marketplace.

When it comes to the rewards and bonuses of the Zulily credit card, they are not as generous and that is to say softly. In the first place, this credit card comes with a $15 discount on your first purchase.

You should make it within the first year after getting the card. Besides, the card also provides you with access to season offers and deals, available only to cardholders.

After all, this Zulily card allows you to use Smart-Pay and break your payments up into three parts. And, actually, those are all the rewards this credit card offers.

So, there is only one reason why you might consider getting this Zulily credit card, you want more convenience while shopping at Zulily.

Benefits of Zulily Credit Card

====> Users can get $15 off your first order when you open a Zulily CC and use it as a payment method checkout

====> The card enables cardholders to make purchases, own it now, and pay for it in 3 monthly payments.

====> It charges no annual fee payment

====> Provides Cardholders with exclusive cardholders offers, enjoying seasonal offers and deals reserved just for cardholders

====> Offers easy online account management to make payments, view transactions set alerts, and more

Fees and Rates of My Zulily Store Credit Card 

====> Zulily Grace period is 25 days

====> Annual Percentage Rate for Purchases is 27.99 %

====> Late Payment is $37, which is considered too high

====> Minimum interest charge of $1.50 charge

Pros and Cons of Zulily Credit Card

As we mentioned above in the article, this card is a store credit card that is not linked to major networks like MasterCard or Visa card. Zulily card can only be used in Zulily Marketplace.

We believe despite that, this credit card has its pros and cons. This part of the article will cover the Pros and Cons of the Zulily Store Credit Card.

Pros of Using Zulily Credit Card

====> You will gain access to exclusive deals and offers on Zulily Marketplace.

====> No annual fee, you don’t need to worry about the annual fee.

====> You will enjoy a $15 discount on your first purchase using Zulily Credit Card.

====> Low application requirements, which requires you to apply for the credit is not too hard.

Cons of Zulily Store Card

====>You can’t use this credit card elsewhere than Zulily, when you have to buy a thing in other places, you cannot use your Zulily Credit Card.

====> Very few rewards available for cardholders compare to other store cards available.

Zulily Store Credit Card Application Process

The application can be completed through the online process. Who knows, you want to get a credit card from Zulily after reading this review. You should consider submitting your application for the card via the online process.

Luckily, the online application saves much of your time. At this point in our review, we will show you how to apply for this Zulily card. The application process is very simple and easy to go about.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Zulily Credit Card official application page or copy and paste www.zulily.com

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the Apply Now Button and proceed further.

Step 3 ====> On the following page, you will get to see an application form, you have to fill it out and proceed further.

Step 4 ====> Now provide all necessary information on that page and once you are done, scroll that page to the bottom.

Zulily Credit Card Review and Payment Process

Step 5 ====> Then, at the bottom of that page, you have to click on the Continue button.

Step 6 ====> On the following page, you should select a credit card option that interests you and click on Continue again.

Eventually, you will get to see the results of your application right after submitting it. If you will not see an application result right away, it is likely that the bank might need a few days to consider your application.

Application Status Check

As an applicant applied for My Zulily Store Card then you can check for their credit card application status by calling at 1-855-597 4790.

How to Activate My Zulily Store Credit Card

If you want to activate your new Credit Card account immediately, contact at 866 396 8254 for your card activation.

Zulily Credit Card Login Guide

There are plenty of things you can do with your Zulily store card online and one of them is the ability to pay your credit card.

But for that purpose, you should make a Zulily credit card login and access your account online. In this part of this article, we will guide you on how to login to your account. You only need to follow simple steps.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the Zulily store card official login page

Step 2 ====> Once you have accessed the webpage of the Zulily card from Synchrony, you should draw your attention to the left. There, you will get to see an online banking form that is the place where you can make a Zulily credit card login

Step 3 ====> Now enter your login details (username and password) in the space provided

Step 4 ====> You may decide to check the box near Remember User ID this will allow you to save your username for future sessions, do this if you using your personal computer.

Step 5 ====> Once you are ready to make a Zulily credit card login, you should click on the Secure Login button

NOTE: If you have done everything correctly, you will log in to your credit card account in a moment.

Guide to Recover Lost Username ID and Password

Some you forget your login details, you don’t need to worry much. You will always reset your login details through the steps in the article.

Step 1 ====> You need to go to the Zulily login page at the Synchrony Bank page

Step 2 ====> On the login page, tap the Find User Name button

Step 3 ====> On the new page that shows, enter your account number, last four digits of SSN, Date of Birth

Step 4 ====> Now click on the Continue button

And you can find your user name and reset your password

Report Your Lost/ Stolen My Zulily Card

If any Cardholder’s credit card missing or stolen can contact at 1 866 570 1420

Make Bill Payment with the Zulily Card

One of the best you could get from your credit card is the ability to make payment with it. In that case, Zulily store card provides a means to pay your bills.

Obviously, you can also make a Zulily credit card payment in several ways. In fact, you can easily pay your Zulily card, and we will show you all the ways how you can do it at this stage of our review.

Online Payment Process

Phone Payment Process

Mail Payment Process

Online Payment Process

The first way how you can pay your card is through the online process. For this purpose, you should follow the guidelines in the article.

Step 1 ====> To make your Zulily bill payment with a Credit card, cardholders have to log in to their account via mysynchrony.com as explained above

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and tap log into your account button

Step 3 ====> Fill in your user name and password in space provided

Step 4 ====> Click secure login

Step 5 ====> Look for the payment tab and click on Credit card payment for your bills.

Step 6 ====> Use Autopay, to make your payment, It will be automatically be deducted from your bank account each month on your payment due date.

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Phone Payment Process

Another way to make a payment on this card is to do so via a phone call. You can actually do it by giving a call to the following phone number 855 597 4790. Then, you should follow the instructions from the operator and make a payment on your credit card.

Mail Payment Process

Another mean of payment through this credit card is through a mail process. You can mail your payment to Synchrony Bank. For that, you have to send your payment to the following address.

Synchrony Bank

P. O. Box 530993.

Atlanta GA 30353-0993

The Customer Service Center

Then Customer Service Number can be contacted through this phone number 855 597 4790.


That is all we have for our reader, this article covered everything you need to know about Zulily credit card.

This article had run through the review, the application process and the login process. Not only that, but we also run through the payment process on My Zulily Store card.

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