Steps to Improve Android Device Performance in Five Minutes

You might notice this about your android phone or device, which ever name you called it, doesn’t matter.  Yea, your phone performances keep reducing on daily basis, you thought of what causes it? What to do and how to do it? I was once like you, but the best thing now is that you are at the right place at this point in to learn what you can do to improve android device performance.

Improve android device performance should be your priority if truly you want the best from your phone.  This tutorial will guide you through differs way you may have to follow in other to speed up android phone performance.

Why Is Your Android Phone Slow Down In Performance?

There are many reasons for your Android Smartphone to slow down, these includes:

  • Ram
  • Cache
  • Multitasking
  • Bugs
  • Virus
  • Hardware issues among other.

So if you are experiencing slow speed issues then we have some tips for you to Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Performance in just five (5) minutes.

Tips To Improve Android Device Performance Including Yours

Turning Off The Animation

If you truly want to speed up android phone performance, yours included, then you need to turn off the animation as this will give room for memory to function well. You can turn it off in the developers menu and make your phone faster.

Step 1 ====> Go to Settings
Step 2 ====> Scroll down until you find Developers Option, tap to open.
Step 3 ====> Enable Developers Option.
Step 4 ====> Under “Drawing” Panel, you should find these 3 options: (a) Windows Animation Scale (b) Transition Animation Scale (c) Animator Duration Scale.

Step 5 ====> Turn Animation off

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Restart Every Day To Improve Android Device Performance.

Another way to improve android device performance is by restart your device on daily basis. Make it an habit to restart your android device once a day. Through this you are able to close program that are not closed properly. You have also successfully closed running programs in the background.

 Improve Android Device Performance

So when you restart your Android Smartphone, all things are dumped and your Android Smartphone runs smoothly. When your PC is running slow, you restart it, then why not your Smartphone?

Install Small Sizes Application

Apps are developed with different sizes, some time they perform the same function. For instance, a music player of 20 MB should replace with one lesser in size like 5 MB. You might be the one that love playing games, then use light weight games on your device to speed up android phone on device you are holding.

Uninstalled Unwanted Or Un-Used Application

This has happened to everyone, not every apps on your phone you use regularly. As this may result in slowing down your smartphone, why not remove such apps from your phone to free some space on your device. Now see this formula, Less Apps = Better Performance, that is just it.

Disable Unwanted Applications To Speed Up Android Phone

Some manufactures like Samsung, Sony and others load Android with lot of useless Apps, and it is not possible to uninstall them.

 Improve Android Device Performance

So you should disable them. If you disable them, they will not appear on the App tray. You can re-enable, them at any time you want.

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Avoid Using Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are cool, but they slow down your smart phone, and drain the battery faster. Whenever you go to your home screen, Live wallpapers get activated and it slows down your smartphone. Therefore in other to increase android performance, avoid the use of live wallpapers.

Disable Auto Sync For Your Google Account

This is one of the best features I love most about Google, they update you on anything that happen to your account. But this causes your phone to work slowly and as well drain your battery faster. They why don’t you turn it off to improve android device performance and as well improve battery life cycle. Here is how to disable auto sync for your Google account:

 Improve Android Device Performance

Step 1 ====> Go to settings
Step 2 ====>Tap on Accounts under personal section
Step 3 ====> Select the apps manually, whose auto-sync you want to turn off. If you want to turn all Apps Auto-sync off, then follow step 4 and ignore this step.
Step 4 ====> Click on more icon more icon
Step 5 ====> Unmark Auto-Sync Data


Any of the above tips will help to improve android device performance. These are what you can just do on your phone without any problem.

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If you as well know any means you have follow to speed up your android  performance that was not on this list, please let us know in the comment bellow

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