Complete Guide to WatchLive Matches on Android Smartphone

A lot of us are football lovers and like to watch our teams while playing. Though, the first half of the season has just ended. The second half will begin at one and as well the world cup is at the corner. I think this is the greatest football tournament you will like to watch. Though, some of us could not avoid the subscription for DSTV, yet you can still watch your matches. With what you have on your hand (Android), today you can watchLive matches on Android phone.

How To Watch live Matches On Android Phone Using Azeem Sheikh

Step 1 ====> First of all, launch Google playstore on your Android phone

Step 2 ====> On the search bar, search for watch football live stream and  select that developed by Azeem sheikh.

Step 3 ====> Download and installed this App. Azeem Sheikh need the help of flash player to work, search for one, download and install.

Step 4 ====> Launch the app on your device

Step 5 ====> You will see a list of matches that will be played that day

Step 6 ====> Once you open the application, you will be presented with a lot links for you to watch the matches. If one is not working, you can move over to the next link

How To Watchlive Matches On Android Phone Using Mobdro

Mobdro is a mobile App for Android which allows you to stream major stations without paying penny for subscription. These stations are only watch on satellite television network which include DStv, Startime, StrongTV, GOtv and others.

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Merits Of Using Mobdro

The following are the list of what you will benefits from using mobdro on your smart phone.

  1. No subscription fees
  2. No weak signal from weather condition
  3. No transmission interruption (aside bat network)
  4. No limit to number of stations and many more.


Take note of the following before you could use Mobdro

Active mobile data

3G, H+, HSDPA,4G for stable streaming

Guide To Install And Set Up Mobdro

Step 1 ====> Click here to download Mobdro 

Step 2 ====> Install this app on your phone

Step 3 ====> Run Mobdro and navigate to Sport Category

Step 4 ====> Now scroll through station to search for your desired mobdro station

Step 5 ====> Now the time has come to watchlive matches on android phone.

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