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Advert or Sponsor Post Requirements

Before we discuss our sponsored posts guideline please take note of this as we’ll only publish your article [IF] it meets the minimum requirements stated bellow

====> Your article must be 95% plagiarism-free.

====> You can only place a single link with do-follow in one article.

====> If you are sponsoring a link in the article please send us a message to understand how you want the link to be placed.

====> You can only publish the article on our website. If found on other sites we will not accept it and or removed it from our website.

Gadgets-Right (Sponsored) Posts

We are open to sponsored posts to help you reach your target audience within a short period. While we accept sponsored posts, you may decide to write the post and submit for publication.

However, since we know our audience better (we do that personally) but to write in a different approach different from our customer we advise you to write and submit it to our admin to publish it.

NOTE: All sponsored articles remain on the website permanently and shall be in the Sponsored category.

Meanwhile, sponsor posts on gadgetsright come with the following fees

====> Article written by gadgetsright team: $150 (Fixed)

====> Article submitted to us to publish: $130 (Fixed)

====> Link on an existing article: $180 (Fixed)

Software Review on Gadgetsright

Whether you are a developer or you are representing an organization, you can reach out to us about your product review and publish it here. With this, you can attract more downloads and make more sales. Reviews on this website attract the following price

====> A software reviewed by gadgetsright: $160.

====> A software review and submit for publication: $130.

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NOTE: All external links [Dofollow] within articles will be removed after 12 months of publication.