Complete Guide to Improve Image Quality on Android Games

Playing games is one of the major activities you enjoy dearly on your Android phones. How will you feel when your favourite game(s) has poor graphic design? I guess you will not have the best from that game. For you to have best from that particular game with poor image quality, this tutorial will guide you through on how to improve image quality on android games.

As a matter of fact, improve graphics on your android games, makes you have more fun from that game you love to play. Moreover, improve gaming performance on android should be a must known process if you truly want to enjoy your gaming action.

Unlike what most people think, they is no need for a powerful and expensive smart phone to enjoy games with HD graphics.

There are several ways and smart tricks that allow you to improve image quality on android games, even on devices that seemingly don’t have configurations powerful enough to play games.

Different ways To Improve Image Quality On Android Games

Improve Your Android Game Graphics With MultiSample Anti-aliasing 

Step 1 ====>First of all, go to “Settings“.

Improve Image Quality On Android Games

Step 2 ====> Scroll down to Developer option and then tap on Developer options. In case you don’t have on your device just go to About phone and tap on BUILD NUMBER seven times.

Improve Image Quality On Android Games

Step 3 ====> In the developer options, scroll down to locate Force 4x MSAA

Step 4 ====> Toggle it to turn on.

Improve Image Quality On Android Games

Now that you have completed the steps above , your game would be more smooth around the edges with quality graphic.

If the game continue to crash, you should go back to developer options and un-toggle the Force 4x MSAA to off.

Improve Image Quality On Android Games By Increasing Android Performance

Another important way to improve graphics of Android games is simply by increasing the performance of your android phone. These are the simple operations or activities you can just perform in less than two minutes on your phone. This operation should be carried out on regularly:

1. Scan For Virus:

First of this operation to be discus here is scanning your device for malware. The presence of any virus in your phone will therefore affect the performance on your games. Scan your Android with Systweak Anti-Malware to make sure it is free from such programs.

2. Killing Background Apps:

I just discovered this while I was playing one of the favourite games on my Android smartphone. I noticed that the start quitting while playing, this was the first time it occurred. Though before started the game, I worked on some apps, so I decided to quite those apps that was running in the background of the phone.

Then, I resumed playing this game, till I stop, it was performing well. So this prove to me that, running apps in the background of any android phone will affect the gaming graphics on the. Lastly here, to improve image quality on android games, kindly kills all the background Apps on the phone.

3. Remove Unnecessary Applications:

Delete apps which are no longer useful or not in use. You can manually delete them from settings or use the App Manager in Systweak Android Cleaner.

If you are not willing to lose any app, you can archive the app using Systweak Android Cleaner and restore it later.


Improve image quality on android games bring more joy while playing your favourite games on your device. Then do everything to bring in the best graphics to your games.  Device configuration does matter when it comes to mobile gaming.

But smart tools and basic optimization can help you to run high-end graphic games on your Android phones.

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