How to Encrypt/ Password Protect SD Card Data on Android Smartphone

Most of us have important paperwork’s and other private data that we need to keep private, you want to protect them from the public. As we keep transitioning from Desktops to Smart phones, our private data are now more vulnerable than before. The reason being Smartphones are portable and it makes them easy target for thieves. There is no problem with this, either you use SD card on a smartphone or other devices, you can Password Protect SD Card Data so as to have your data secured.

By password protecting your memory card files with the below tips, it virtually means password protecting your SD card. Though you are not entirely protecting your SD card, you can protect each and every folder on it with encryption.

This depend largely on you, what you have on your card determine the level of security want, but all the same, you can still set password for your memory card.

So you must be always be prepared beforehand. Nobody knows when or how your smartphones can be lost or stolen, but with Android you do have the ability to encrypt your phone’s External SD Card. Which will render your phones SD card useless once your phone is lost.

Once your phone’s External SD card is encrypted, it will then be impossible for anyone to read its content on any other device except your Android phone.

To be frank you can even encrypt your whole Android phone, but I will nod advice you to do so, because this will reduce the level of its performance.

How To Encrypt your Android Phone’s External SD Card

Step 1: Open the Settings on your Android phone, then scroll to the Security section. (This might differ on different handsets). The process is the same, just follow it.

Step 2: Tap on Encrypt external SD card to start the process for encrypting your phone’s SD card.

Password Protect SD Card Data

NB: It is compulsory to select a password as the screen lock method if you want to enable encryption for the SD card. Unless you set the screen lock as password, your phone will not allow you to encrypt the external SD card.

Step 3: Once you have set a 6 digit password as the screen lock, you can then see the following option appear. Tap on Turn on card to encrypt your phone’s external SD card.

Password Protect SD Card Data

Step 4: Tap on Yes on the next screen to encrypt all files on your phone’s external SD card.

Password Protect SD Card Data

Step 5: Next you will be prompted whether you want to encrypt all multimedia files. Tap on Yes or No according to your requirement.

Password Protect SD Card Data

In case there are any multimedia files that needs to be encrypted on your phone’s SD card the tap on Yes.

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Step 6: Next tap on Continue and enter the password when prompted.

Password Protect SD Card Data

Step 7: Finally you will need to tap on Apply to start the encryption process. Remember according to the SD card’s size, it might take a while for the encryption process to be completed. I tested this feature on a 16 GB SD card which took around 20 minutes to encrypt.

Password Protect SD Card Data

Finally on Password Protect SD Card Data

If you follow the steps above you will fully protect your SD Card from intruders, your data and files are as well save on the card in case you lost your smartphone.   Password Protect SD Card Data is great as it make you be at ease if anything happens to your phone

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