Complete Guide to Connect PS4 Controller to your Android Device

Playing games on android could be fun, guy, being able to connect and use external controller on your android to play game could be funnier. For instance, if you love playing games on PlayStation 4 and you have not connect PS4 controller with your Android device. Then you have missed some as well.

Thanks for developer these days, they have done well. Here on this tutorial, we will be guiding ourselves on how to connect PS4 controller to your android device.

Requirements to connect PlayStation4 controller to android phone

But before we proceed, what are the requirements for this process. These include:

Playstation 4 controller fully charged

Your android phone fully charged

Your full attention

In the case of connecting and using a PlayStation 4 controller on an Android device, the device does not necessarily need to be rooted. The device just needs an active Bluetooth connection. Something that is present in every legitimate Android device.

How To Connect PS4 Controller To Your Android Device

Now is the time you are waiting for, so let get started with the details on how to connect PlayStation4 controller to your android smartphone.

Step 1 ====> Connect PS4 Controller

Connect PS4 Controller

Before you can connect PS4 controller to your device, the controller need to be seen as Bluethood controller device. To get this done is simple, just HOLD THE PS and the SHARE button simultaneously until the light bar start blinking BLUE

Step 2 ====> Connect your Android Device To The Controller

Connect PS4 Controller

For you to connect your Android Phone to the PlayStation4  Controller, turn ON the Bluethoot on your device. Then wait till wireless controller is seen. Mind you, the light on the controller will be blinking, just tap wireless controller on your device to pair the two together. As soon as they paired, a blue light colour will remain standby.

Using The PlayStation 4 Controller On An Android Device in Playing Games

This will work slightly differently depending on which game you are playing, but generally controller compatible games should detect the PS4 controller and automatically map the right buttons to it.

You should have the option to remap the controls in individual games if the default layout does not suit you, and every emulator gives you the option to remap the controls.

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Fix PlayStation4 Controller Lag on Android

There is tendency to experience so issues after connecting PS4 controller to your android device. This could be difficulties in playing some games on your device, this is tagged LAGGING. If you experience this, you don’t need to worry. Here is how to fix lagging on android.

There is an app which helps in combating this issue, the app is called Bluethoot Auto connect. This app automatically connects Bluetooth devices you specify to your phone, and you can change various things like Continuous connect, which automatically connects your device every y seconds. Here is how to download and use this app

Step 1 ====> First, the link to download Bluetooth Auto Connect.   Preferably version 4.2.2, the best, allow unknown sources to download the APK.

Connect PS4 Controller

Step 2 ====> Second step to be taken is the installation of the APK

Step 3 ====> Open Bluetooth Auto Connect.

Step 4 ====> Then scroll down to ADVANCED OPTIONS (while your PS4 controller is connected)

Step 5 ====> Scroll to the very bottom, and tap CONNECT NOW.

Connect PS4 Controller

As soon as you complete this, your PS4 controller should be working properly.

Finally On Connect PS4 Controller

If you have used PS4 controller or other Bluethoot controller to play games on your android machine, we will be waiting to hear from you which of these games you will give your recommendation.

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