How to Fix Bootloop on Android Devices Or Smartphones

What do you understand by the term Bootloop? The simple definition is the process whereby your Android phone or devices trying to boot but cannot. In the process of booting, it shut down and try to reboot again and as well shut down. When your device keep doing this for long and could not boot at the end, it refer to as BOOTLOOP. If that is what you have been experience with your android device or machine, you are lucky for you are at the right place to learn how fix bootloop on android devices.

The very good thing about bootloop is that, it is fixable issue or problem. Fixation will not result to the damage of your devices. Meanwhile, before we go into the details on how to fix bootloop on android devices. There is need to know the causes of boot loop on android.

What Are The Causes Of Bootloop On Android Device?

Generally speaking, this occurs as a result of incompatible mods that modify the system files or custom ROMs. Though, this is not the only reasons for boot loop on android, others includes:

  • Flashing the wrong stock
  • Installing custom kernel, patch, mod.
  • Installing apps from a third party platform
  • Rooting your device
  • This problem (bootloop) may be the fault of your device

How To Fix Bootloop On Android Devices

Here we are dealing with the simple solution first. Now depending on your device, do you have re-moveable or non re-moveable battery?

Re-moveable battery

Step 1 ====> Removing the battery on your device

Step 2 ====> Wait for a few minutes before putting it back on.

Fix Bootloop On Android Devices

Non-removable battery

Step 1 ====> Power it off and leave it for about 10 minutes.

This will remove any charge that is left on the phone. Try attempting to boot your device now. If you are still having the issue on you phones, then you need a harder step to combat this.

How to Fix Bootloop On Android Devices Using Stock Android Recovery

The process involves booting your device to recover mode. Going through the process of recovery mode require the combination of some keys. This depends on the type of devices you are handling.

Use any of these to boot you phone to recovery mode

While your phone is ON

Boot your phone in save mode while the phone is ON is very simple thing to do, here is how to do it.

Step1 ====> Press the power button until the power option appear

Step 2 ====> Press and hold the power option for about three second (3 seconds), an action will popup asking to boot in save mode.

Step 3 ====> Tap OK to boot your phone in save mode.

While your phone is OFF

You can as well boot your phone while OFF, here are the steps

Step 1 ====> Press and hold the Power button until your device’s logo is displayed.

Step 2 ====> Then, press and hold the Volume Down button until your phone boots into Safe Mode.

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Wipe data

Once you are true with the recovery mode as explained above, you can use the Volume buttons to navigate and Power button to select the highlighted option.

On some devices, you can only use the Volume Down button to navigate since the Volume Up button selects the highlighted option.

Step 1 ====> Highlight and select the option wipe cache partition and select Yes if prompted.

Step 2 ====> As soon as this is completed, go back to the main menu, then reboot the device by reboot system now option.

Step 3 ====> If your device is still not able to boot up, power it off again and boot into recovery mode once again as explained above.

Step 4 ====> This time, choose Wipe Data/Factory Reset as well before selecting wipe cache partition. This will wipe everything off your device, in most cases also everything on your device’s internal storage.

Fix Bootloop On Android Devices

Now that you device as gone through the process of factory reset, definitely, you are now fix bootloop on Android devices.

Fixing Bootloop On Android with the Custom Recovery

You might have rooted your phone, yet there is a good chance you are using a custom recovery tool like TWRP. The good thing is that you will also get the option to back up your Android data before you wipe it.

If you are using TWRP Recovery, for instance:

Step 1 ====> Go to “Backup” from the main menuFix Bootloop On Android Devices

Step 2 ====> Select all the data you want to save

Step 3 ====> Then swipe across the bottom of the screen to back it up.

Step 4 ====> In other to wipe the existing data from your phone, select “Wipe” from the TWRP main menu,

Step 5 ====> Then swipe right at the bottom of the screen to wipe your phone data, cache and dalvik.

If you want to restore the data you backed up, go back into TWRP Recovery and select “Restore”.

Conclusion on fix bootloop on android devices

That is it for now, I think it was an easy tutorial, showing you, how to fix bootloop on android devices on your stock and rooted Android. Do let us know in the comment section, how things went for you on the other side if you do need further support let us know.

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