Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images

How To Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images From Android Phone

WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most widely used messenger App in the world today to sent and receive instant messages among friends. Another benefit of this App is that it allows users to send and receive instant multimedia messages. Therefore, there is at time need to Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images From Android Phone Gallery in other to protect your privacy.

Moreover, WhatsApp is more than just instant messaging App for some people. It is regarded as a private place to keep certain pictures, videos and even audios. This is among the reasons you need to learn how you can hide WhatsApp photos from gallery iPhone.

Right? So what do we do, we can lock it. But even if you lock WhatsApp with App lock its photos/videos still appear inside the gallery. Then your privacy are not truly secure as you want it.

How To Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images From Android Phone Gallery

If you don’t want that be shown on your device’s gallery, then you need to hide it. I mean, if you don’t want your videos, audios and images to shown or appear on the gallery. The best option is hidden them from others.

Here on this article, we will be discussing how you will Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images From Android Phone Gallery without the use of any Apps. This is one of the greatest reasons you need to keep on with this article.

Using File Manager To Stop WhatsApp Images In Gallery

Here we are making use of file manager installed in your phone to lock up WhatsApp images and videos in your gallery. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 ====> The first step is to download any simple File Manager. I recommend ES File Explorer, this is very easy to use.

If you have this file manager, ignore this step and dive to the next step.

Steps 2 ====> Now open your preferred file manager App out of those you have installed. Here on this article, I am using ES File Explorer.

Step 3 ====> What you will do next is to navigate to your WhatsApp folder. It is likely on your phone memory or SD card, as you can see in the short bellow. Open WhatApp folder and Click on Media folder.

Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images

Step 4 ====> From here you go to WhatsApp images and click the three dots icon that appear at the top right corner. Then a box will pop up. Tap on File as shown bellow.

Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images

Step 5 ====> Now it is time to create a new file named .nomedia and click OK. You will get a message saying ‘.nomedia has been created’.

Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images

Step 6 ====> Now go your phone gallery and you will see all WhatsApp images have been disappeared. Therefore, you have successfully Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images From Android Phone Gallery.  If it has not, then try clearing the cache on your phone gallery app.

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Clear The Cache For Your Phone Gallery App

Clearing cache is easy to go about; this is how you will do that:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Apps or App manager
  3. Select gallery/album, this depends on your phone’s producer.

Step 7====> With what you have done so far, you will not see the .nomedia file in your WhatsApp images. You may decide on this, whether to see it or not, do this by enable hidden files in your file manager.

Hide WhatsApp Videos, Audio, Images

For this hidden files, 

  1. Tap on the 3 lined iconat the top left corner in ES file Explorer
  2. You need to scroll down until you see the on/off button forShow hidden files.
  3. Then turn this option on. Now you will see your hidden files.

That is all you need to do if you want to show hidden files on WhatsApp.

Step 8 ====> If you want to hind videos and audios on WhatsApp, then follow the above steps to create .nomedia files for each of them. You can also hide WhatsApp Videos and Audio files in your phone gallery by creating .nomedia files in WhatsApp Videos and WhatsApp Audios folders.

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Lastly on this note of how to hide whatsapp videos, audio, images from android phone gallery. This method has helped a lot in keeping the privacy of your WhatsApp on android devices. If you have any other way of doing this, kindly share with us on the comment box bellow.

Moreover, if this article helped you in hidden images from iPhone gallery. Please do share among your friends on social media platform.


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