Complete Guide to Improve Battery Life on any Smart Phone

Battery determines the extent to which you will enjoy your phone. A newly purchased phone will have long and durable battery. What I am saying in excess is that, you will enjoy your phone without charging it constantly. Then, there is call to improve battery life of your smartphone.

I don’t know maybe you take note of this or not, when your smart phone is new, you will do whatever you want on the phone with ease.

On the other hand as your phone is getting older, as you keep downloading or adding to the software on the phone, the battery will get drain faster than your expectation.

Increase battery life will be your target as compare to when you buy new battery from the market. From the experience, so called new battery can nowhere be compare to those that came with your phone.

Therefore, that is why this article will help your to improve battery life on your device. Here we have listed out some lesser known tricks that will help you get the most out of your smartphone battery:

Tips Or Tricks To Improve Battery Life On Any Smart Phone

Battery Charging To Improve Battery Life

Charging of battery is common where electricity is not always available. This result to the threat of having low battery on your phone. So when battery percentage in less than 80%, so many users do connect their phone to electricity or any available source to charge their battery. As this process continue, your phone battery will be drain faster as soon as it lesser than the 80% when you normally charging it.Improve Battery Life

Therefore if you want to improve battery life on your phone, I will recommend you charge your phone when it is less than 10%. You can as well charge when your phone notify you to connect your charger, this will increase and improve battery life on your phone.

Adjust Screen Brightness Manually

If you want to make your android battery last longer, the next thing you need to do is adjusting the brightness manually. Every smartphone have the option to adjust the screen brightness, it normally comes with the auto settings. This will adjust base on the situation of the environment, but till will drain your battery faster. Manually adjustment will go a long way to improve battery life on your phone.  Here are the steps to adjust screen brightness manually:

Improve Battery Life

Step 1 ====> Wipe screen from top down ward

Step 2 ====> Tap brightness to adjust to your taste

Minimize Vibrations To Improve Battery Life

Another tip to help your android battery is quitting every vibration, activating every vibrating settings will drain your battery so easily. If you want to opt out this vibration, here is how to do it:

Improve Battery Life

Step 1 ====> Go to settings

Step 2 ====> Tap sound, then check out options that vibrate on your phone.

Use Battery Saver

Battery saver reduces your device’s performance and automatically limits vibration, location services, and background data. You can activate it from here, or you can set it to kick on automatically at 5 or 15 percent battery.

 Step 1 ====> Go to Settings

Step 2 ====> Battery and then tap the three-dot menu in the top right of the screen

Step 3 ====> Choose Battery Saver.

Make The Screen Turn Off Quicker To Improve Battery life

The period at which your phone display plays a vital role to the level of battery drained. Therefore, to combat this problem one need to make his or her phone to turn off the screen quicker.  It is no surprise that screen-on time has such a big impact on battery life. Here is how to go about this:

Improve Battery Life

Step 1 ====> Navigate to Settings

Step 2 ====> Scroll to Display

Step 3 ====> Select Screen Timeout

Step 4 ====> Choose your preferred option

These steps are so simple, do it today and improve battery life on your smartphone

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Turn Off Animations To Save Battery On Your Smartphone

Animations are another factor affecting battery life. To manipulate animations, you need to access ‘Developer Option’ in your Settings.  Here are the ways leading to manipulation on your phone to save battery life.

Improve Battery Life

Step 1 ====> Navigate to Settings

Step 2 ====> Developer option

Step 3 ====> Tap on it, you will find three options namely Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Step 4 ====> Turn them off

Disable Wireless Services When Not In Use

Wireless and mobile data connections consumed more battery and drain your battery faster. When you are not using them, try as much as possible to turn them off. If you do this simple thing, you battery will last longer than when you turn them on.

Quit Underground Running Apps

Underground running apps drain battery as well, most especially when you open too apps that are running in background of the phone. You might be wonder how will you know which apps are running in the background. Here is how to know and stop them to improve battery life:

Step 1 ====> Tap the home button for about 5 seconds

Step 2 ====> You will see background running apps display on the screen

Step 3 ====> Wipe them away with your finger


If you carry out exactly what was highlighted on this tip, you will improve battery life on your phone. There is no need of worrying about your phone battery any longer.

If this tip helps you, drop your comment on the comment box and as well share with friends on the social media.

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