How To See Who Has Not Accepted Your Friend Request & Take Action

not accepted your friend request

Friend request is the major way of making friends on Facefook platform. You initially sent request to friends, friends of your friends, relative and even co-workers. You share your feelings so that your friends could see and comment. Some of these people accept your request while some do ignored your request as friends. Therefore in other to have room for more friends to join your friends, there is need to know who has not accepted your friend request and take proper action against them.

Facebook team has done a tremendous work in other to have as many friends as you can. But there is a limit to the number of pending friends request you can have.  They allow you to have up to 1000 pending friend request, ie not accepted your friend request.

Mean while, if you want to add more friends, you need to terminate those who has not accepted your friend request.

The only negative issue here is that you will not be able to delete every of your friends who has pending your friends request. Therefore, if you are having many friends who have your request pending, it will take a while before you could cancel their request.

Point to be noted:

Do you know Facebook applied some restriction on all the features to reduce the misuse, because few people make fake account to increase friends faster.

So applied limits in case your current pending request ratio will increase the chances of getting blocked for sending requests further just because Facebook want you to request only to those who you really know.

If your current pending friend request deleted then there are less chances for getting block. Follow below process to check who not accepted you and cancel/delete sent request.

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How to see who has not accepted your friend request and take action

Now let see who don’t want to be your friends on facebook and not accpted your request :

Step 1====> Log in to your Facebook account by providing the correct details of your credentials.

Step 2 ====> Open your profile and click friends. You can also do this by clicking the friends icon on the right top side of the screen.

not accepted your friend request

Step 3 ====> Now click  + Find friends on your profile page

Step 4 ====> Then click on view friends request to see your pending friends request as shown bellow

not accepted your friend request

Step 5 ====> That is it.., All people appear here to whom you send request and they didn’t accept your friend request. Here you can cancel friend request one by one.


I hope you understand the full process to cancel Facebook pending request, i.e not accepted your friend request. Let try above process step by step. If you have any problem, comment below.

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