Recover Deleted Text Messages

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Phone

Recover deleted text messages on your android device is very possible. This has happened to me several time, and I believe you have encountered such before now. You might have deleted text messages accidentally on your phone. The funniest is that, the SMS you deleted unknown might serve a special purpose.

This might be your bank alert, a description of place or location sent to your device. Now the question is how you will recover deleted text messages on your android device.

If you are a victim of this situation right now, you are at the right place to find solution to this issue. Retrieve deleted text messages is possible as I said earlier on this article. What you need do is carefully follow what you are about to read.

Before we continue, one factor that you should consider is Time! If you delete messages from your inbox you will have to act fast.

Recover deleted SMS on android SMS are recoverable as part of memory and this is overwritten, so the longer you wait to act, the greater the chance of receiving new text messages, application updates or who knows what will replace them.

Will the Restore Always Work?

Android restoration programs are definitely splendid but they function under some constraints. Deleted messages and other data are retrievable only till the time that the memory which initially stored that particular message has not been overwritten. Once the rewrite takes place your invaluable data is lost forever.

Useful Programs that Help in Restoring Data

To recover deleted SMS on your android smart phone, any of these apps or program can be used.

Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery

Android Data Recovery (sucharge)

Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android (requires root)

How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Android Phone Without Using PC

You can recover deleted text messages from android smartphone without using computer or laptop but for that you will need to have root privileges on your android smartphone.

Then for recovering the deleted text messages direct from android mobile You will Need To Purchase the android app from playstore , plus there is also no guarantee that the app will really recover your deleted android Messages Or Not .

Steps to Recover Deleted Text Messages from your Android Phone Using PC

There are some standard steps that need to be followed with a few intuitive tweaks here and there for the message restoration process. These are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Get the retrieval app 

Download one of the Message Retrieval programs listed above and open them on your computer.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging on your Android Phone

Go to the ‘Developer Options’ under the main phone settings.

If this option is not visible then tap on ‘About Phone’ and then scroll down till you find the ‘Build Number’ option.

Then tap on this repeatedly till you are get developer access. Once this happens go back to the Settings menu and you would find ‘Developer Options’ listed there. Under Developer Options tick the check box that allows you to enable ‘USB debugging’ or ‘Android Debugging’.

Hope you are clear up to this place, if not go over it again.

Step 3: Connect your android phone to your computer and start scanning

Once you have connected your phone to your computer with a USB cable, you would be able scan the entire phone memory to check the accidental deletions that you want to restore.

The scanning might take some time as there is a lot of memory that needs to be scanned. A program like Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android allows you to scan not only messages but also deleted photos, videos and contacts.

Step 4: Analyze the data

Once the scan is completed, all the data would be present for you to check. Anything that has not already been overwritten would be available here for restoration.

Wow this is wonderful.  Select whatever data or messages you want restored. Then you select message as this tutorial is about recover deleted text messages on your android phone.

Step 5: Restore messages back on the phone

After analyzing and selecting the data that needs to be restored back to the mobile’s memory, click on the restore button that is present on the app window.

That is all it takes to get back all the data that you feared was lost forever. You could also save it in your computer as a backup.

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How To Prevent This Happening Again

Recover deleted text messages on android with apk, maybe you have learned the lesson, but maybe not. If you do not want to pay for any of the above apps or programs and be able to use them longer, or just do not like these free versions, the best you can do is make sure not going to need more.

This means you will have to back up your SMS from now. The good news is that the process is so simple that hardly take you five minutes and you put away this problem forever.

Recover Deleted Text Messages


Recover Deleted Text Messages


Recover Deleted Text Messages


Recover Deleted Text Messages

Here I use a free application called SMS Backup & Restore. It is very simple and works perfectly.

After retrieving the SMS you can send them to you by mail, upload them to the cloud or keep them on the external SD.

Finally on recover deleted text messages

I hope this article has helped you to recover deleted Text messages / SMS on android for free. Have you ever accidentally deleted SMS? Were you able to recover? Do not forget to share your experience!


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