Quick Guide to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android Smartphones

Pop up advertisement is very annoyed thing on android mobile device, it make browsing some time worrisome. Therefore stop pop up ads on android device should be your priority. Not just blocking pop up ads on your device, you have to know some of the negative effect of pop up ads on android.

Why Do You Need To Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

Like other mobile android user says, I find pop up ads on android so annoyed to the extent of doing a lot to stop or block them from coming up on my android device. But before dive into the process of stop pop up ads on android, here is some of it demerits:

  1. This process prevent the risk of malware on your mobile device
  2. It also helps to avoid annoying ads
  3. It makes browsing faster on your device
  4. It reduces the cost you spent on data

Now, from the points listed above, I am sure you are convinced and as well ready to stop pop up ads on android device.

Ways To Stop Pop Up Ads On Android Devices

There are two major different ways to stop ads from coming up on your android device, these include:

  1. Using the browser settings.
  2. Using a third party ads block browser or app.

Using Browser setting

Block Pop Up Ads In Chrome For Android

Chrome is  one of the most widely used Android browser these days, so it makes sense to make this your first port of call for blocking pop ups on your android device. Here is how to go about this on Google chrome:

Step 1 ====> Open Chrome on your Android device

Step 2 ====> Tap the three-dotted menu icon at the top-right

Step 3 ====> Then tap “Settings

Step 4 ====> Site settings

Step 5 ====> Pop-ups

Step 6 ====> Switch the slider to block pop-ups.

In addition to the above steps, you can also switch on Data Saver which compresses various elements of a page, these including ad banners and pop-ups. Here is how to do this:

Step 1 ====> From “Settings

Step 2 ====> Tap more

Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

Step 3 ====> Then data usage

Step 4 ====> Data Saver

Step 5 ====> Finally witch it to ON.

With these steps, you are done on Google chrome

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Block Pop Up Ads In Opera For Android

Opera browser comes with what I will tag pre-built ad blocker feature. With this feature you can use opera to enjoy ad free browsing. Here is how you go about this:

Step 1 ====> Opening the more settings

Step 2 ====> From here scroll down and stop pop up ads on opera

Using A Third Party Ads Block Browser Or App.

There are various third party ads blocker in the market that you can use to stop pop up ads on android.

Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

Most of these ad blockers block more than just pop-ups: they block ads pretty much everywhere. Adblock Browser, for instance, is particularly popular. It is not strictly an ad blocker. It is an entire browser with built-in ad blocking. You will never see another pop-up ad again, try this app today.

Finally On Stop Pop Up Ads On Android

Due to my personal experience of ads on android devices, it is a very good thing stop pop up ads on android in other not to waste much money on buying data. By doing this you have save your device from the threat of malwares. So fell free to share your opinion with us in the comment box bellow. You can also share with you friends on social media.

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