Guide on How to Use Android Instant Apps

One of the benefits of using android is the countless features you have to enjoy.  Many of these features are well-known and user friendly, like custom icon packs and launchers, but some get lost in the shuffle. Back at Google I/O 2016, Android Instant Apps were introduced to developers and enthusiasts.

You visit website where banners encourages you to download a mobile app. And you don’t want to do it, not because you have anything against apps, but because you don’t want to hop out to the Play Store to download that app, then launch it, then find the thing you were looking for again.

If you are out and about, the last thing you want to do is download a large app. At the same time, you often discover an app that would benefit you right now, at this very moment.

This is exactly where Android Instant Apps come in to play. With Instant Apps, you don’t need to download the large APK file to use the core functionality of the app or service.

Not every android phone can use these apps, you ask me why, if your phone run lower that android 6.0, you are not eligible to use instant apps on android devices. On the contrary to this, if your phone runs on Android 6.0 and above you are highly welcome to the benefit of instant apps.

How to Enable Android Instant Apps

Before you can use these apps, there is need to activate the settings. Without activation, there is no way you can gain access them. So the activation process is very easy, here is how you will go about it:

Step 1====> Navigate to your phone’s Settings menu. You can do this in two ways, either through setting from menu or by wiping down the notification tray to access your phone settings.

Step 2====> Scroll down & tap Google under the personal category.

Android Instant Apps

Step 3====> now you need to tap and select Instant Apps under Services category.

Step 4====> Tap the toggle on the top-right of the screen to turn it ON.

Android Instant Apps

Step 5====> Accept the terms and conditions, then tap Yes, I’m in.

As soon as you complete these steps, you have successfully enabled Instant Apps on Android phone. You can then search for a compatible app and begin using it. The supported apps include Jet, Onefootball, Citymapper, Realtor, Jet, Crosswords and many more.

How To Use Android Instant Apps

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After the enablement on the settings, it is right time to use instant apps on android device that runs on 6.0 and above.

You can access an Instant App from any URL, these includes:  search,

social media, messaging, and other deep links. The best way is just to search for an app from Google. Here are the steps to use Android Instant Apps:

Step 1====> Go to Google search page.

Step 2====> Enter your search term, such as Onefootball.

Step 3====> Tap on the first result on the list of what display on your screen.

Step 4====> Use the app, or if you want the whole experience, tap on Get the app to download it from the Play Store.

Finally On Android Instant Apps

Above all, Instant Apps are pretty good. We certainly want to see Google continue supporting this idea, and more app developers jumping on board.

If most of the popular app developers supported Instant Apps, users could save a large chunk of storage space. Since this Apps only developed with very small size unlike APK file that was developed with larger size.

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