Complete Guide to Use WhatsApp Without Verification Code

Whatsapp is a very popular free messaging app which is used by many people globally. In order to access WhatsApp, you will have to go through mobile number verification code process. But, today we are going to share few methods to access WhatsApp without verification code on phone number. Yes, you heard it right, it is possible!

Being a Whatsapp user, you must be aware of the fact that you need to register your mobile number in order to have access to this wonderful application, and for that, an internet connection of fine high speed is much required. Most of you are not aware of the fact that you can use WhatsApp without Internet. What! Is it right? Did I hear, Whatsapp without internet app? Yes, you heard it right!

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We would often want to use several WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone. However, it is often impossible to verify two WhatsApp accounts with the same phone number on a single phone. Don’t worry, there is a way to open multiple accounts on a single smart phone.

Now back to business, how to use WhatsApp without verification code? I will reveal 3 ways to use whatsapp without phone number verification code.

How To Use WhatsApp Without Verification Code

Method 1: Follow these given steps to know How to Use Whatsapp without Number or Without Verification Code.

Step 1: ===> The very first task is to uninstall your existing Whatsapp from your phone. Remember to backup your files.

Step 2: ===> After uninstalling the app, again re-install the application on your mobile from play store.

Step 3: ===>As soon as you re-install it, Whatsapp sends a 6-digit verification code to the phone number on which you are installing the application to verify the same. Here, what you need to do is keep your mobile on Flight Mode in order to block the message reception.

Step 4: ===> Before you move further don’t forget to install Spoof Text Message app for android, and if you are iOS users, then go with the Fake-A-Message app. This app will ask for a few details. Submit them and continue with it. Details to entered are as follow,

  • To: (+234703124***6)
  • FROM: + (Your country code followed by your phone number eg +23470312****)
  • Message: ( email address)

Step 5: ===> After step 4, open your exclusively installed Whatsapp application, and enter any phone number other than yours.

Step 6: ===> This attempt will fail Whatsapp to verify your phone number over the internet, and then ask you to go with the alternative method to verify the same. That is the key! Here, you can either go with verifying through SMS or you can also enter your email address.

Step 7: Now, instantly click on the Submit button, and then immediately on the Cancel to stop the Authorization procedure.

Step 8: Here, comes the part that Spoof Text Message app has to play. With this app, all your details will be sending to the fake number for verification. That is something you can say Whatsapp without number verification. Just leave it what to say and what to not. It’s time to celebrate.

Guy, you are now through with this method in other to Use WhatsApp without Verification Code.

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Method 2: Install WhatsApp without number using Textnow App

In this method, using whatAapp messenger without SIM verification code, you need to install Textnow app on your android/ iPhone or windows phone.

Using the Textnow number, you can install whatsApp without SIM card. You need to have internet connectivity over WIFI.

Here the steps require using WhatsApp without verification code are as follow:

Step 1: ===> First this is to download Textnow app for your iPhone/Android/Windows phone.

Step 2: ===> Install the App you downloaded in step 1 above, after installation, you will be provided with a Textnow number

Step 3: ===> Then, use this number to run whatsApp without SIM card.

Step 4: ===> While setting up the whatsApp account, provide this Textnow number for verification. Then, wait for 5 minutes for the Whatsapp sms verification to fail.

Step 5: ===> You will be asked to verify your Whatsapp account via Call. Tap on the Call Me verification method

Step 6: ===>You will get a call through the Textnow number, enter the interactive voice response WhatsApp verification code provided.

Step 7: ===> Guy, you have installed whatsApp without SIM card but using internet. I hope this method is simple and straight forward.

Method 3: Install Whatsapp without number verification code but using Fake Messenger Apps

If you want to use WhatsApp without a number on iPhone, then use Fake-a-message App to verify the account.

If you are using Android, try Spoof Text App. Using these apps, do false WhatsApp verification as explained below.

Step 1: ===> Send an SMS stating your email address from your number to +447900347295

Step 2: ===> Then, you will get a verification code to install WhatsApp without number verification code.

Step 3: ===> Use that code to sign up to WhatsApp without SIM.


You can use any of these methods to install and start using WhatsApp without verification code. What you need to do is follow any methods that suit your purpose.

We are looking for other alternative ways to run WhatsApp without verification code.  If you know any other way, please send to us through comment box bellow.

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