View Saved Passwords in Chrome

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome on Android

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers you should try on your Android phones. On Android, Google chrome is a very capable browser, however, it has always had fewer features than its desktop counterpart.  Thanks to the new feature that allows you view saved passwords in Chrome.

While some of the missing features can be blamed onto the system restrictions of the mobile nature of the Android OS and hardware on which it is running on, some of the missing features should have been on the Chrome since the beginning.

One such missing feature is the ability to see saved passwords on Chrome. This feature has been available on desktop since the beginning, but was not available on Android.

When you make an account on a website, Google chrome gives you the option of saving your username and password in order to log in faster the next time you visit it.

How To Save Passwords in Chrome on Android

Whereas before you had to go to the Google passwords website to view them, you can now do so on your Android device without visiting Google password website anymore.

What you need to do now is simple and easy to about, this is how you should go about it. Launching Chrome on your Android device, opening the “Settings”, and tapping on “Save passwords”.

Now that you have series of password saved on your mobile device, this article will now guide through on how to view saved password on your device.

View Saved Passwords in Chrome on Android

Step 1: ===>The process is simple, first of all, launch the Chrome browser, then tap on the 3-dot buttons menu at the top right corner. From here you tap on SETTINGS.

Step 2: ===> The second action to be taken as follow, tap on “Save passwords” option. Now, you can see all the saved accounts and passwords in your browser linked to your account. Then tap to select the account which you want to see the password.

Step 3: ===> Here, you will see the details of your credentials on the site, these may include: your username and your password.

Step 4: ===> However, the password is hidden right now. If you want to see your password, tap on the eye button and then authenticate with your screen-lock password.

If you don’t want to see the password and just copy it, tap on the copy button instead of the eye button. However, you will have to authenticate it in both the cases.  As soon as you authenticate it, you will be able to see your save password.

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